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Jeff and Kevin Deciphering the Passage Home
I spent the past week on the ocean with Jeff and Kevin, friends from Northern Alberta who hunt, forage, cook, and play in the wild.
I’ve spoken about Kevin before, he’s the creator of From the Wild and a member of the 2019 vintage final harvest crew.
Jeff is the owner/operator of Sangudo Meats, and if you’ve seen From the Wild, you’ll know him as the cast member with the story-telling spark who matches the right words to truths.
We were stuck together at the ferry terminal, so I asked the slaughterer poet to talk.
Some words from Jeff Senger:
Spreadsheets, engineering, and electricity are neat, but living systems are magic.
On the trip he roused us from our tents in the middle of the night to show us bioluminescence. He can talk about it for hours. At 2am.
Magic is also the sun creating grass feeding swine, which turns into cuts of meat that the butcher ferments and finally we’ve got saucisson sec.
He can speak about spreadsheets because he used to run them in an office tower.
But he left accounting for agriculture. It makes sense for someone who nurtures a fascination with the living world.
The specific work he does is killing and cutting animals, with his daughters and the crew at Sangudo Meats.
Jeff believes that the job of killing should be done well. There is meaning to the point in time when life comes into existence and when life departs.
It offends his decency when the killing of our mammal counterparts is not taken seriously, which is the way of the commodity-based commercial scale meat plants.
Not surprisingly, few are cut out for the job Jeff does. He’s good at it, and something in the work resonates with him. 
He’s not the type of person to tell someone what they should do - and he explicitly says to try on places, ideas, situations, environments - but i think he'd approve of this advice: lean on nature.  
Especially if your current workplace or situation smacks of things that don’t belong in nature: deception or betrayal or secret motives.
Talk to you next week,


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