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A Few Generic Tools


Hot weather means working with limits, cutting back the time it takes to do something and cutting back the resources.


The tractor needs fixing and you’ve only got three tools. You’ve got about ten minutes before sweat mixed with sunscreen incapacitates the eyes, and your cellphone has overheated so you can’t call someone to figure out the proper way to fix it. Brain function will soon decline.


It’s like harvest when the motorized pallet jack can’t lift the load. Or the pump only runs in one direction. Or the parts supplier can’t help you with the punctured grape press.


The response?


You limit all loads to something that can be ferried on a normal pallet jack, and use smaller tanks. Be mindful of where everything is, adopt frequent visual contact with all ferments. Become a small lot winemaker.


You stop using the pump, and rely on things like gravity and not moving the wine at all. Stop filtering wine.


You build skin contact into every program, including whites, so press delays don’t stop production.


The thing I wondered: what is the optimal balance between having the proper tools and knowledge, and being forced to improvise?


The proper tools and knowledge will guarantee that you can accomplish the task exactly as someone else did. It means no innovation, but the upside is predictability.


The proper tools delivers the satisfaction. The improvised fix is more satisfying, if you can stand the sweat in the eyes. It becomes your way.


Before you head out into the fray, grab a few key tools. Grab a buddy, or share the hardships because being locked up in the inferno of your mental chamber isn’t healthy.


See you next Friday,



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