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Selected pollination of a cherry stigma
Last week was about interpreting expert opinions that claim the ability to elevate your business.
It pays to build deciphering skills to ward off the charlatans, but the good information won't just land on your door.
For start-up winery owners, take a look at the industry: click on online stores, gather intel at popular wine bars, and visit the wineries.
Then put winery-specific information on hold, and turn your attention elsewhere.
Especially in wine, the picture is coloured by money coming into the industry that doesn’t abide by the same rules. Heavily funded businesses get to have some fun playing in the sandbox while an accounting team shepherds them along. It's different for small businesses who are chained to cash flow and operate on life/death mode.
For guidance on winery ownership, I looked to the nearest thing to me: running a farm. The family farm I grew up on was comparatively small, so the long chore list was shared. The farm didn't rely on a specific expertise; there was no corporate hierarchy. The key was keeping costs low and surviving to see another harvest.
The same was true of the restaurant world I learned. Regardless of title - owner/manager/employee - the work was spread across the labour pool. At a successful restaurant, things got done. Silently and efficiently. You didn't hear a lot of complaints about this not being my job.
The pieces you pick up outside your industry can boost your business. It's what you see happening in the field above: cross-pollination.  
More on this next week, but for now we're introducing the idea of building in connections, from loose bonds to business partnership.
See you next Friday,


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